Recently we visited one of the local big box stores just to see what they are up to in paddlesports.  It happened to be one of their promotion weekends for kayaks, so we were able to listen in as they gave their sales pitch – and a sales pitch it was.  There was little actual information offered about the product, and what was given was not accurate.  Whether you are buying a $200 kayak or a $2000 kayak, it is important to get good information.  The kayak you choose has to fit the paddler size and has to work in the conditions in which the paddler wants to use it.  Not only will this lead to you getting the most for your money, it will also provide you with the proper kayak for your use, one that can be safely paddled, and a good value for your dollar.  While we would love to sell every kayak out there, we know that there are a lot of good boats available that we don’t necessarily carry.  We do maintain a quality array of kayaks and SUP’s for sale at a variety of price points. Our kayak lines and model choices are determined by how most of our local paddlers will use their kayaks.  No matter where you purchase, we are happy to share our experience and product knowledge with you.  We know that if you get the right kayak, you will enjoy the sport we love for years to come